Wallpaper Fitting and Installations

Wallpapers have gained popularity when it comes to interior design and decoration. This is because of the nature that they transform the interior space. Senior movers Kenya, have a variety of wallpaper samples in stock varying from brick patterns, wall murals, which can be customised for you, to marble contact papers, which are self adhesive, waterproof, oilproof and heatproof. 

Contact papers can be installed in kitchen tops, dining table tops, coffee tables, bathrooms, and cabinets.For more details call/whatsapp or book for the service through email.

The good thing with wallpapers, they can go upto 15 years, after installation when well handled. They are also removed, when you need to move we can do it for you perfectly without damaging your walls. Our wallpapers are 3D in nature. 

1. What is the size of a single wallpaper roll?

A 3D wallpaper is 10m by 0.5m 

2. What is the cost of a wallpaper?

  • A 3D wallpaper wall roll is 10m by 0.5m costing as low as from 2500 inclusive installations.

3. Do wallpapers ruin the wall?

  • Our 3D wallpapers when installed don’t ruin the wall as they do not bind and they can be removed when relocating. 

4. How many 3D wallpapers can fit my wall? 

  • Mostly a standard rental house will need 2-3 rolls or one roll covers 5 square metres.

5. Do we do countrywide delivery?

  • Yes we do the delivery at a fee depending on your location from Nairobi and the number of rolls needed. Call/whatsapp for more information.