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Welcome to Senior Movers Kenya | Affordable Moving Company in Nairobi Kenya

Senior Movers kenya is a fully registered moving company in Nairobi Kenya. We are specialised movers in Nairobi Kenya offering house and office moving services small to large homes and businesses locally and all over Kenya at affordable cost.

Our staff are full time and highly trained in house moving techniques. Having a wealth of experience and knowledge when moving the most precious of homes. So if you are moving house in the near future and need an experienced local moving company in Nairobi Kenya, please call us today to receive your free  house moving quotation on 0718 160 622

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Senior Movers Kenya team provide in time a free quote depending to your move demand and best expertise advicein handling your property professionaly during your moving process.

We provide a fair price that is affordable no hidden charges we believe good services don’t need to be expensive but affordable and worth their price if so
In some cases we may advice for a pre visit to provide a quotation mostly in cases of office move and long distance moves

    Additional Services:

    moving services company in nairobi

    House Movers in Kenya

    At senior movers Kenya our house moving process entails;
    2) Transportation
    3) Unpacking
    4) Rearranging
    5) Furniture assembling and bed fitting

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    senior movers kenya

    Office Movers in Kenya

    At Senior Movers Kenya we offer a range of customised office moving services with packing, dis-assembly and re-assembly, setup service, electrical and IT relocations, disposal and more.

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    TV Mounting

    We offer comprehensive, professional and affordable TV wall mounting services in Nairobi Kenya and the surrounding suburbs. Our team also comprise of accredited DSTV installers who provide DSTV installation services in Nairobi Kenya.

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    Wallpaper Fitting

    The good thing with wallpapers, they can go upto 15 years, after installation when well handled. They are also removed, when you need to move we can do it for you perfectly without damaging your walls. Our wallpapers are 3D in nature.

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    Curtain Rods & Chandeliers Installation

    We offer professional curtain rods fitting and Chandeliers Installation services.

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    Moving Process

    Request A Quote

    Fill the email in detailed or give us a direct call or whatsap us. After receiving your email we send you an email with a free quote depending on the service you asked for.


    When demand arises for a pre visit i.e in case of an office move or long distance move we may come for short visit to help us arrange and estimate for a suitable truck on your moving process

    Move You Proffesionally

    After sealing the moving deal our team comes to move you without ters what you need to do is to relax and let the job be done by professionals that are friendly and make you moving easier than you hd imagined.

    testimonial & partner

    What our clients says?

    Miriam KRiverside Drive

    Fantastic and professional moving company, from the sales team to the individual movers the entire process was straight forward, easy and efficient. They made my move a lot easier!

    Caroline Mombasa

    Would use Senior Movers Kenya over and over again. loved the team in Mombasa. On time, courteous and did a good job in ensuring that my stuff was in great condition at the time of arrival.

    Sheilah Wfrom Kilimani

    Our move was handled by Irene as the rep .she was efficient and handled us really well.The team was effiecent ,well organised and worked with minimum supervision.the teeam leader was very efficient too,though a young person he had knowledge of his work,we are repeat clients,and would not mind in recomending your services to others.

    House Moving Company in Nairobi Kenya

    We offer professional domestic House Moving Services in Nairobi, and the surrounding areas such as Kiambu, Machakos, Athi Rivers, across the the country i.e Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Kakamega, Bungoma etc.  Delivery can be arranged to any destination in Kenya

    At Senior Movers Kenya we understand that moving home can be very stressful, whether it’s your first time or 20th!

    We are here to help and support you through the house moving process ensuring it goes as smooth as possible. Our caring and knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist you all the way through your move, from the initial call to arrange your free survey to placing the last item in your home for you.

    We are one of the leading Home moving company in Nairobi Kenya, with a wealth of knowledge and a combined experience in the industry of over 5 years.

    House moving company in Nairobi Kenya

    Our House Moving Services in Nairobi Includes:

    • Full packing service
    • A friendly team of movers on the days of your removals
    • Well maintained Vehicle
    • Careful handling of household belongings
    • Protection for your belongings
    • Door to door service

    Our house removals service is perfect for those that want to save time and energy on moving day. Our experienced team is fully trained in handling personal house belongings, including more fragile items.

    We pride ourselves on helping individuals, couples and families move into their new home without any worries or stress. But don’t just take our word for it – our glowing customer reviews are a testament to how friendly and professional Senior Movers Kenya is.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I want a moving quotation

    The process of requesting a quote at Senior Movers Kenya is super easy. We have many ways of getting in contact with us. This can be done from our request a quote page, call us directly at 0718 160 622 or send us an email to info@seniormoverskenya.co.ke. 

    We have years of experience as both house movers in Nairobi, office movers in Nairobi and installation services. To prove that we are the best just look at what our previous customers have said about us on Google reviews.

    When you have requested for a quote, call back or called us directly. Our staff can then arrange a suitable date to visit your property. This is a full no-obligation quote, free of charge. For small moves, we can even give you a quote over the phone or by email, however. We recommend that you have one of our local surveyors visit your property, at a time that is convenient to you, so that you can have an accurate quotation. Further taking away the stress that everything will fit into our purpose-built vehicles and storage facilities.

    2. How does Senior Movers Kenya calculate the cost of moving

    Every move is unique and as such we treat each quotation separately, whether it is a home move, office removal or TV mounting and DSTV installation services and base our price on the specific requirements of each customer. The price will always be dependent upon what size of vehicle you need, what size of team you need, where you are moving to and if you have any specific requirements. For more information on any items that you may have of concern, feel free to contact us directly for a quick response.

    3. What is included in the quotation?

    Every quotation is different as we tailor-make each one to suit your unique needs. We can provide you with a complete service including the following:

    Full Packing Service – We will come into the property,  get everything packed up ready for the move. We will be able to dismantle everything. Additionally, we will take items off walls/ceiling such as bookshelves, paintings and chandeliers.

    All Packing Materials such as boxes, tape, tissue, wardrobe boxes. We will organise a box drop or pick up of boxes from our depot. Giving you suitable time to dismantle and pack your items or we will come with all packing materials on the moving day.

    Office Moving Company in Nairobi Kenya

    Commercial office moving can mean dramatic loss of productivity as well as stress and disruption for personnel. With Senior Movers Kenya, such problems evaporate thanks to carefully considered strategies, good forward planning, and excellent IT relocation. We will provide you with a team leader who’ll be on board from the very start, guiding you and your staff through every stage.

    The most important part of successful office moving service is that they be smooth and seamless, with a well thought-out timeline and good, logical lines of communication. We will ensure that everyone is kept apprised of all details and that all necessary Health and Safety requirements are adhered to precisely.

    With Senior Office Movers in Nairobi Kenya, we bring you the years of experience and expertise that we’ve accrued throughout our successful history. What sets us apart from the competition? We listen. Every move we undertake is based on a thorough and diligent assessment of how your business works and how we can move you while minimising the impact of the move.

    office movers in Nairobi Kenya

    Best Office Movers in Nairobi Kenya

    Our in-house experts can oversee and manage business relocations of all shapes and sizes, encompassing everything from small businesses to national corporations. We can also arrange everything from ‘mirror-image’ moves, whereby your new space features a layout replicating as closely as possible the set-up of your former office, to wholly redesigned and refurbished relocations. And you can hand over all the responsibilities to us – we’ll look after relationships with contractors, all necessary planning and consultancy work, cost control and site management.

    How Much Does House Movers in Nairobi Kenya Cost?

    One of the most overlooked fees that homeowners don’t budget for is moving costs. The extra money you have to set aside for a moving company to pack and unpack your belongings can be a surprise to most. Here’s what you can expect to pay when using a local moving company in Nairobi Kenya.

    1. How much do Movers in Nairobi Kenya companies cost?

    The average house moving costs for a standard 1-bedroom house move based on short distance removals of around 25KM miles is roughly Ksh. 13, 500. This should cover your basic costs of packing materials, packing services, dismantling of furniture, loading to the lorry, transportation, offloading and arranging your final destination.

    A local move with Nairobi will obviously be cheaper than the cost of moving house in Kenya a long distance from your existing home to other counties.

    2. Average Moving costs based on the size of property

    The moving quote you receive from any house movers in Nairobi Kenya will depend on the size of your property.

    A four-bedroom house, for example, will require more packing material, a bigger lorry, and more of the removal company’s time for furniture removal than if you’re moving out of a one-bedroom house or studio apartment.

    Of course, the prices outlined below aren’t fully accurate quotes. Different moving companies charge different rates in different parts of the country.

    Therefore, you’ll need to ask if there are any other additional expenses when comparing removal quotations that you’ve received from local companies.

    Removal company costs take into consideration fuel, total time spent at any location and, packing materials required.

    Moving costs from a one-bedroom house :

    • Ksh. 14, 500 for 25KMs.
    • Ksh. 15, 500 for 35KMs.

    Moving costs from a two-bedroom house:

    • Ksh. 18, 000 for 25KMs.
    • Ksh. 20, 000 for 35KMs.

    Moving costs from a three-bedroom house:

    • Ksh. 25, 000 for 25KMs.
    • Ksh. 30, 000 for 35KMs.

    Moving costs from a four-bedroom house:

    • Ksh. 30, 000 for 25KMs.
    • Ksh. 35, 000 for 35Kms.

    Moving costs from a five-bedroom house:

    • Ksh. 40, 000 for 25KMs.
    • Ksh. 50, 000 for 35KMs.

    House Movers in Nairobi Kenya Cost

    Tips to Keep Moving Costs Low

    For a stress-free move, we always recommend finding reputable movers in Nairobi Kenya. It’ll mean you have one less thing to worry about; moving house is already stressful enough! If you want to save money (and sleep better at night) there are ways to keep house removal costs low.

    Create an inventory of your belongings

    Before you can get the final cost of removal from any moving company in Nairobi Kenya, it makes sense to go through your house and see what you’re bringing with you to the new house. Before removal men come in, you may find that you have old, heavy items stored in your garage that you no longer need. Make your way through the house and take note of any fragile items, big furniture, sentimental items (you may want to pack these yourself for extra security).

    Declutter your house and get rid of waste

    The average cost of removal will depend on how many items you have to move. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to pay for waste. Moving house is the ideal time to get rid of old items. You can donate items in good condition to charity or, if they’re no good, take them to your local tip. It’s a great way to save money on your removals. And, it means you won’t bring anything unnecessary into your new property.

    Additional Costs A Moving Company in Nairobi May Charge

    Additional removal costs may be charged if your removal firm struggles to gain access to your home. While some will charge a higher hourly rate, others could add an extra fixed fee to the average removal costs they charge. Be sure to disclose such information during the early stages of enganging the moving company.

    There are several types of access issue which could affect the cost of your removals.

    For example, if you’re moving out of a high rise flat with no lift, loading the removal vehicle will be more difficult.

    If your property is located in a narrow street or has limited or restricted parking, this could also impact the fee charged.

    DSTV and TV Mounting services cost.